Work at the European Commission

In 2006, the European Commission, through the DG Justice Liberty and Security, initiated work on bio-preparedness and arranged two seminars on European bio-preparedness and a workshop on transport and traceability of bio-materials. In 2007, the Commission initiated the Green paper on Bio-preparedness. During 2008, the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear materials (CBRN) Task Force was formed, which was composed of approximately 250 experts from throughout Europe. Each of the three areas created Sub-groups. The Bio-subgroups held expert meetings through April-September 2008 concerning following topics:

-Threats to humans

-Threats to animals

-Threats to crops, food and feed

-Biological detection and diagnosis

The final conference of the CBRN Task Force took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 29-30 January 2009. A final CBRN Task Force report was generated that was composed of 264 recommendations. This report formed the basis for the CBRN Action Plan. The CBRN Action Plan consists of 68 Horizontal (H) Actions, 15 Chemical (C) Actions, 17 Biological (B) Actions and 25 Radiological/Nuclear (RN) Actions. The decision by the EU to carry out the CBRN Action Plan was taken on 30 November 2009. The EU CBRN Action Plan is being implemented during 2010-2014.